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BML 200-400 T

  • Roller feed for feeding strips with the highest precision up to a cross-section of approx. 800mm2

  • Bottom roller directly driven with a torque motor and encoder, the top roller is driven backlash-free

  • Pneumatic contact pressure with finely adjustable stop for limiting roller opening including depth stop

  • Rollers ø 70mm, hardened and grinded or available in segment design

  • Belt guides and infeed roller basket with hardened rollers including inductive belt end sensor

  • Can be delivered pushing, pulling or as a double system, simple attachment to each subsequent machine including mounting plate

  • Control with many options as a built-in cassette or table-top housing with an external control unit

  • Various safety modules up to SIL 3 are available for the safety of people and machines

BML 200 T von rechts.JPG
Servo Roll feeder BML 200 T
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